14 rabbits rescued from farm

Received by Italian activists:

November 4 - Ramiseto (RE):

The FLA (Fronte Liberazione Animale) raided a small rabbit farm and liberated all 14 animals kept in their cages to be killed for their meat. This is the communique:

“In the night between 4 and 5 november we headed towards Ramiseto (RE) to empty the cages of a farm breeding rabbits for the disgusting mouth of meat-eaters.

Of the 14 imprisoned in small cages 11 decided to come with us and now have found welcoming homes, the other 3 immediately after seeing the cages open didn't miss the occasion to run free in the woods and have a breath of freedom.

On the way back we tried to empty another farm, but unfortunately some alarm forced us to run: next time luck will be on our side.

This night is dedicated to Barry Horne, three years after his death.

Fronte Liberazione Animale”

Some more photos of the rabbits can be seen here: