Paint attack on car of BOC Gases, suppliers of Huntingdon Life Sciences.

Received anonymously by activists in the UK:

“A car belonging to a sick employee of murderers BOC, parked right outside the main gate of the high security Gist freight depot, Faversham, Kent, UK, was given the ALF treatment on the eve of Barry's anniversary.

Right under their very noses... ‘For Barry’... was spray painted on the side of the car and the roof and bonnet covered in paint stripper...

Such an easy target for such a high security depot! even all your 12 foot fences and cameras and lights and guards are powerless to stop us!

BOC/Gist - be warned murderers this is just the beginning! ALF will be back to Faversham!

...and this is just one of many new ALF cells rising up against all who torture, murder or supply in any way these animal killers - we are out to get you and we are coming for you!”

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